Learning about world’s interests. Through data.

We have developed one of the most extensive interest-based networks on the Internet and through big-data analysis we learn each day about what people are interested in.


Since 2012, our team has developed technologies which enable us to map the world’s interests onto a digital platform. On top of this, our technology enables Exa Futures to determine in real-time the topics of interest within digital content.

We use this know-how to learn about people, what they like, their intentions to consume, and what in the future they could be interested in.

Our technology provides the tools and our team the know-how useful to businesses who desire to get more out of interests-related data.


To serve people as best we can in the personalization of their digital experience.


Mapping the world’s interests and its related content to a single platform.


We opt for an open dialogue with our platform users, so we always ask them for a transparent expression of interest.


Exa Futures has developed a set of technologies for consumers and businesses. Our flagship technology is demonstrated through the deployment of the world’s richest interest-based network, CircleMe. This platform connects 1+ million interests to each other, calculating their correlation, allowing people to ‘connect’ to any of them, and facilitating any type of content to be stacked on top of the interest-graph.

CircleMe (The Interest-base Network)

A platform, with over one million interest-pages to which people can 'connect' to in order to personalize their content experience through our web and mobile platforms. CircleMe has connected on a 'virtual graph' millions of nodes which represent any interest people might develop in life. On this graph, we have built on a social network and a huge collection of content, from articles, to videos, events which appear on a Personal Calendar and much more.

Try it: www.circleme.com

Content Sourcing

CircleMe has built a system which connects to thousands of content sources, where content is identified by topic(s) and directed to the interested users.

Choose which topics you’d like to receive content on, and in which proportions. We will provide it to you through real-time content feeds, available through API services.

Try our simulator:

For consumers For business
Interest Crawler

Want to know all the topics of interest being mentioned in any web page or digital document?

Our technology is able to scan billions of documents and rank all topics covered, showing relations between them, linking to the specific text and extracting other relevant statistics.

Interest Graph Intelligence

Using our interest-graph on our consumer applications, we generate ad-hoc Business Intelligence Reports.

Learn how any two interests in society relate to each other. How similar are they? What is the likelihood of a user liking a topic if she likes another topic apparently unrelated?

With full access to our own genuine interest-centric data we can determine accurate interests’ correlations or even develop Brand Analysis Reports, with focus on specific and extremely vertical demographics.

White-Label Platform

Anyone can take advantage of the know-how and learnings developed for our consumer product CircleMe, licensing our white-label solution.

This enables any organization to create a community of users who focus on interacting with a platform based on their true interests.

A great way to keep a community engaged and active, while learning more about what they are truly interested in.


We are a small team, officially based in the fashionable and enjoyable city of Milan (Italy) but believing in the value of remote working, hence doing our magic from the most exotic and diverse places around Europe, including London, Barcelona, Rome and Budapest.

Keeping strong through the typical startup hurdles, our dedication and hard work remains focused to serve our company purpose, which is to enable anyone to best enjoy their digital experience through the most impressive and accurate digital real-time content personalization.

We can do this by developing high-tech solutions which enable on one side to understand people’s true interests and on the other determine scientifically how these interests relate to each other.

Want to join our team?

We love technology, if it has a purpose. We are not scared of data (lots of it!). We use mathematics, statistics and science to make sense out of all those exabytes.

We think hard, before we work hard. Then we celebrate successes and necessarily learn from failures.

If you’d like to know more about joining our team, we would be honored to hear from you.

We are currently hiring for a BACK-END DEVELOPER. Interested?

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We did create some buzz. Here below some examples:

CircleMe wants you to re-connect with yourself - meaning all of the cultural things that contribute to shape your individual identity.

Forbes Jennifer Kite-Powell

The site is a profile of your interests and likes, it’s a social network, and it’s even something of a bucket list.

TheNextWeb Nancy Messeh

One of 20 best Android app this week!

The Guardian Stuart Dredge

Wow About.me and Pinterest have an awesome competitor from circleme.com!

Scobleizer Robert Scoble

For a still-maturing private beta product, CircleMe delivers on its promise rather well.

Mashable Jennifer Van Grove

Its latest incarnation for Android is really beautifully-designed.

TheNextWeb Paul Sawers
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